KidsAbility Diversity Statement

At KidsAbility our vision is Potential Realized. For the potential of our clients and families to be realized, we understand that their full identity must be embraced and celebrated. KidsAbility is committed to honouring the ethnic and cultural identities of all our clients and families, and we are continually working to create cultural safety in all our clinical, educational, and social environments. Our family-focused model of service recognizes and honours the variety of family structures and gender identities of those who access our services. KidsAbility is committed to creating a more inclusive and barrier-free delivery of services for clients and families of all physical and mental abilities, visible and invisible. 

KidsAbility is also committed to cultivating the potential of all our employees. We encourage our employees to be fully who they are, celebrate where they come from, and embrace their diverse family structures. We want an employee base that reflects the community in which we live and are working toward making that goal achievable by strengthening our connections to diverse community organizations and educational settings.

At KidsAbility we see diversity as a pathway to strength and equity, so we actively seek it out in all that we do. We actively look to understand our own gaps and biases, power and privilege. We acknowledge that we do not always meet our intentions and are committed to listening to the diverse voices of our clients, families, employees, and the larger community to continually improve our services and organizational culture. In all of this we will see our own potential realized.