Following the assessment, the ACS clinic may recommend the lease or purchase of equipment to support the communication and/or writing abilities of your child.  

Children with home or community based communication needs may be eligible for funding through the Assistive Devices Program (ADP).  


ADP provides up to 75% (up to a maximum allowable $ amount) of the purchase price of ADP eligible face to face or written communication aids depending on which ADP eligibility criteria your child meets. For more information go to Assistive Device Program.

If you or your child receive any of the following supports, the remaining 25% up to the maximum allowable amount may also be covered by:


If these additional funding sources do not apply to you/ your family, then you are responsible for the remaining 25% of the purchase price.  
Also, any amount that is beyond the “maximum allowable” which may be less than 100% of the cost, is the responsibility of the family. You may wish to consider applying for financial assistance from one of the following organization: