About Us

KidsAbility Foundation serves to engage our community in making a difference for nearly 9,000 children and youth to reach their physical, developmental, communication and behavioural goals. 

With the generous widespread support of individuals, corporations, foundations, service clubs and other groups, approximately $2 million is raised to meet the greatest needs of our community.

As our regions and communities expand, the developmental needs of our clients and families increase; that's why donations from our community support a wide range of services and supports, such as:

  • Provide therapy services that help children to receive early and timely intervention to develop to their potential.
  • Develop advanced knowledge and clinical expertise to assess and support babies and toddlers with complex needs.
  • Share knowledge about emerging client needs, such as autism, and build a coordinated system of support within our community.
  • Help parents to support one another and to better understand their child's needs.

When you give, you strengthen families and help children thrive while ensuring an inclusive community is possible for all abilities - today, tomorrow and for the future.

Find a way to give to KidsAbility that's right for you, and give today to make a difference in the life of a child.

Charitable Business Number: 89094 3673 RR0001