Be part of our story.

At KidsAbility, we believe the most powerful way to build the brightest future is to empower children and youth to reach their communication, physical, social and behavioural goals and realize their potential every day. 

Together with the caring and compassionate support of the community, we provide exceptional family-centred pediatric services for the wellbeing of local children, youth and their families. No diagnosis is ever needed for a family to begin their KidsAbility journey.


We believe every child deserves the services they need to thrive!

Early access to KidsAbility services is critical for the progress of so many children. 

However, demand for our services is growing – and so are the regions and communities we serve. Community support is vital and urgently needed to help kids move, learn, grow and thrive with confidence to become their best selves.

Our story has always been about the children, youth and families we serve - and the stories of Molly, MishiVictoria, Jackson, Greyson, LeighaWalter, and Alexander demonstrate how our vision of "potential realized" happens for kids every day. 

Today, we welcome you to become part of the KidsAbility story with your shared values and financial support.