Caregiver Coaching and Consultation

We are here to help you learn the skills to best support your child’s development and confidently manage their challenging behaviours.

We know that caregiver can mean many things, and we want to meet families where they are at. Our trained instructor therapists are eager to work with parents, grandparents, community coaches, inclusion and respite worker and many more. We want to help you and your child in the settings that matter to you. We are happy to help you in home, in centre and in the community.

We also know that sometimes families just need a trusted professional to reach out, when things are going great and you need a refresher on a strategy, or when you are feeling lost and confused. Our caregiver coaching and consultation can be offered through weekly or bi weekly check in calls with a therapist that knows you and your child.

Parent Coaching Topics Can Include:
  • Developing play skills
  • Transition supports
  • Developing and supporting routines at home
  • Community outings
  • Supporting challenging behaviours
  • Self-care supports including- toileting, sleep and meal times
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