Community Participation Program Supports

Personal Attendant for Leisure Card (PAL)

The PAL card is a program that allows individuals with a disability to be accompanied by a personal attendant so that they may have the help they need to participate in recreation and leisure programs and services offered by the municipality and PAL card partners. The personal attendant is not charged the program fee and is present for the sole purpose of assisting the person with the disability. The regular program fee is charged to the person with the disability. If your disability restricts you from performing activities or your disability can’t be eliminated with the use of a technical aid, you may be eligible and can apply for a PAL card. You can use your PAL card at public swims and skates, community centres (municipal programs only) and golf courses. You can also use your PAL card at participating PAL card partner locations (e.g. Bingemans, many museums, YMCAs, etc.) so links below for further information. Participating PAL card partners are listed on City or Township websites. 


Access 2 Entertainment

The Access2 card allows persons with a disability to attend movies or attractions with their support person without having to pay for two entrance fees. The person with a disability will be charged regular admission and their support person will receive either free admission or a significant discount. 


1:1 Support

Do you require additional assistance to participate in municipal recreation programs? Did you know that you can request a 1:1 support person to provide support for activities like swimming lessons, camps, or other recreation programs run by the municipality? Learn more about the support available in your community! Please note it may be 1:2 or 1:3 support depending on your child’s needs.
Please note:
  • Every effort is made to provide support to participants with disabilities either through staff, volunteers and/or the use of adaptive equipment. Support is based on available resources and is not guaranteed.
  • If support is unavailable participants may provide their own support person to assist. Please contact the Inclusion Programmer if outside support will be attending.
  • 1:1 Volunteers do not provide personal care in the change room/washroom


Every Kid Counts - City of Kitchener & City of Waterloo

This program provides support for children attending City of Kitchener or City of Waterloo summer camps. Support can be provided by volunteers or by trained inclusion staff depending on the needs of the camper. Families MUST first obtain an Inclusion Membership, then can request inclusion support when camp registration opens at the beginning of March. Requests for support are addressed on a first-come, first-served basis. To access a Leisure Support Volunteer or the Every Kid Counts program contact Inclusion Services at 519-741- 2200 x7229 or email 


Supporting Kids in Camp - Guelph Wellington

This service provides children who have special needs with trained and experienced one to one support counsellors so that they may attend specialized and/or integrated community camps. There is no cost to families for this service!

To access an application: Go to Or Contact Tiffany Fagan, Inclusion Facilitator Coordinator (519) 821-8089 ext: 7033 or 


The City of Cambridge

Children who have special needs are provided with trained and experienced 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 workers called Inclusion Facilitators. Support is available year round through the Leisure Buddy program and is available for PD Days, Winter Break, March break and summer camps. Inclusion Facilitators assist children attending integrated City of Cambridge programs. There is no cost to families for this service!

Applications for inclusion facilitators are available on the City of Cambridge website: Further questions can be directed to: Danielle Pearce or 519-740-4680 x4554


The City of Guelph - One2One

Support is offered to individuals diagnosed with physical, medical and/or developmental disabilities, providing assistance when participating in camps. Participants must be registered in a City of Guelph camp to be eligible for One2One Support. For additional information, please contact: Melissa DeNardis, Recreation Coordinator - Inclusion City of Guelph 519-822-1260 ext. 2606


Fee Assistance

Several fee assistance programs are available in our communities.