Gratitude Report Publications

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How do we sum up a year like this? With two words...thank you! 

Thanks to you, KidsAbility leads with life-changing therapy, innovative programs and technology to help children and youth achieve their goals each and every day.

To show our appreciation, we deliver a first-ever digital experience this year! Watch videos of a family you strengthened with your support, take in our financial insights, and learn more about our strategic plans to support local children, youth and families into the future.

View our 2020-2021 Gratitude Report online and experience how grateful we are for you, and the value you bring to help every child reach their potential to accomplish great things.

You can also find our 2021-2021 Gratitude Report printable version available in PDF format by following this link.  

For printed copies of our 2020-2021 Gratitude Report, please contact Jenna Allan at 


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