Martial Arts

Asahi Judo Club - Kitchener

Asahi Judo offers integrated classes for youth of all abilities as well as a supportive program to build athletic ability and social skills specifically designed to aid those with ASD in integrating into mainstream Judo.

Contact: Email or call 519-743-4998

Cambridge BJJ - Cambridge

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is more than an effective martial art: it is a lifestyle that leads to improved mental and physical fitness and personal growth. A safe and professional learning environment for all ages.

Age: All ages

Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer programs

Contact: Email or call 647-8333-9908


Elora Karate Dojo - Elora 

Elora Karate Dojo is a traditional school of Goju karate, helping students to develop strength, focus and self-confidence in a safe and friendly environment. Karate is a martial art based on principles of self-improvement and personal growth, so students are encouraged to progress at their own pace and work towards achievable goals.

Age: All ages

Contact: Email or call 519-669-0853

Kitchener Kicks Dragon Hearts - Kitchener

Dragon Hearts program at Kitchener Kicks is a martial arts program specifically designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Participants work on their strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination, while also improving focus and self confidence.

Age: 4 years and older

Contact: 519-741-5425

KicksAbility - Waterloo

A 12-week program helping children, teens and young adults of all abilities learn karate and gain important self-confidence. This recreational activity includes one on one instructor-student learning, with original content based off the Korean karate style of Tung Soo Do.

Age: 6 years and older

Contact: Email or call 519-500-5825