Orthotic Appointments

How Can I Get an Appointment? What Can I Expect When I Get There?

  • Contact an orthotist directly and request an appointment time for a meet with the orthotist (consult) and to have casts/molds made for custom orthotics. 
  • Be prepared to provide the following information:
    • Health card number
    • ACSD number if applicable
    • Confirmation that a referral note or ADP form has been signed by a physician (see below)
  • At the appointment, the orthotist will assess your child’s foot and gait pattern. A cast will be applied to the foot and ankle/leg to create a mold. The cast stays on for 2-3 minutes until the casting material is dry and well molded. When the cast is dry, it will be removed and you will be free to go after all the necessary paperwork is completed and payment is settled.
  • A follow-up appointment will be scheduled for you to return a few weeks later to have your child fitted with the finished product. You will need to bring your child in for this appointment to ensure that the orthotic fits properly. You can expect to return sporadically throughout the year because your child will grow and his/her feet will change. Most orthotists will offer adjustments free of charge to accommodate growth changes in children. However, it is always a good question to ask.