Orthotic Suppliers

Who Makes Orthotics?

There are many certified Orthotists in the K-W area that can make custom orthotics. However, in order to receive funding through the Assistive Devices Program (see below) the orthotics need to be made by a certified orthotist. It is also highly recommended when searching for a certified orthotist that they have experience working with casting children and youth. You will also want to consider when choosing the orthotist you would like to consult with, that you may need to go back for adjustments several times throughout the year to accommodate for growth of your child.


Below is a list of centres in the local area that are known to have certified orthotists in their clinics that deal with the pediatric population:
         214 Speedvale Ave W #7, Guelph
         13-33 Farley Dr., Guelph
         Chedoke Site, Holbrook Building, Hamilton
         386 Gage St., Kitchener
         2829 Dundas St. West, Toronto