Safety at KidsAbility

Your safety is our priority

We at KidsAbility™ are committed to a proactive health and safety program, aimed at protecting clients, staff, volunteers, our property and the environment from any sort of injury or loss and that supports and/or exceeds all industry and governmental regulations.

Consistent with our Mission, Vision, and Values, KidsAbility is committed to providing services and conducting day-to-day activities in a manner that promotes and respects the safety of our clients, staff and volunteers in all aspects of their lives.  We are dedicated to the clinical standards that govern the work that we do and also to the well being of the clients and families we serve through the principles of family centred care.

Our volunteers, contractors and partners are also held to organizational standards for safety and quality through written policies and procedures. Together, we are committed to ensuring safety in our rehabilitation services, our physical environment and our records management.

Steps Towards a Safer KidsAbility: 

  • College standards and credentials
  • Safety Statement publicly posted; annual client safety training  
  • Privacy and Confidentiality practices
  • Ethical Decision Making framework
  • Dual Identification at all times
  • Infection Prevention & Control protocols
  • Clean and safe workplaces (mandatory Health & Safety standards, training)
  • Slip, Trip,  Fall precautions
  • Medication Management Protocols
  • Clinical best practices and family centred care
  • Incident Reporting protocols and tracking
  • Emergency Response procedures and reporting
  • Accredited status
  • Quality Improvement Strategy
  • Compliance with all relevant legislation
  • KidsAbility Safety Statement

Child Safety is No Accident Brochure

Infection Prevention and Control Brochure 

Client COVID-19 Brochure