Seating & Mobility 

Welcome to the KidsAbility Seating and Mobility Service.

Seating and Mobility Services at KidsAbility provides assessment and prescription of customized and off-the-shelf equipment including:

  • Supportive seating systems
  • Specialized stroller systems
  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Power wheelchairs and Scooters

Our team includes you and your child, a seating and mobility Occupational Therapist, any other Occupational Therapist currently working with your child, and a wheelchair vendor of your choice.

Seating and Mobility Occupational Therapists are Assistive Devices Programs authorizers and have specialized skills working with children and youth who require seating and mobility equipment.


You have a child or youth (birth to school exit):

  • with a developmental or physical disability;
  • who has a seating and/or mobility need;
  • and resides in the Region of Waterloo, Guelph or Wellington County.

New Referrals

New referrals need to be made by an Occupational Therapist who can make the referral by completing a Seating and Mobility Application and submitting this to KidsAbility Client Records by fax at 519-886-7292.

Please review the material in this referral package and please follow instructions to assist us in booking your first clinic appointment. 


If your child has previously been seen by KidsAbility Seating and Mobility Services, and…

  • you no longer have an Occupational or Physiotherapist servicing your child, please call Intake at 1-888-372-2259, Ext. 1214 or email
  • you have an Occupational or Physiotherapist servicing your child, please discuss your needs with them and they will complete the application
When Should I Return to Seating Clinic?

Services for Adults and Young Adults (over school exit)

For adult Seating and Mobility Services you may contact ADP for a list of ADP authorizers in your area.

Seating and Mobility Funding Options