Social Work

KidsAbility™ Social Workers* support children, teens and their families in navigating the journey towards reaching their full potential. Social Workers are available to discuss any concern related to the personal and family impact of having a child or youth with special needs. There can be many benefits in working with a Social Worker.

Social Workers Can Help With:

  • Reducing stress
  • Building resilience, confidence and self‐advocacy
  • Providing support to the whole family
  • Connecting to financial and community resources
  • Having someone to talk or call when needed
  • Identifying and eliminating barriers


 KidsAbility™ Social Workers provide:

  • Counselling: supporting clients and families dealing with grief, stress, family conflict, isolation and other issues related to having a child with special needs, or being a youth with a disability.  
  • Resources: helping to connect clients and families to community resources and government support including financial programs.
  • Child Behaviour & Emotional Support: Offering workshops for parents and caregivers on understanding and managing behaviour and emotional issues of young children with special needs.
  • Transition Planning: assisting clients and families in understanding care needs, participate in planning decisions and emotionally prepare for transitions.
  • Advocacy: helping clients and families develop advocacy skills to help them with the service delivery system including community agencies, school system and medical home life, school life or participation in the community.

KidsAbility requires that all Social Workers have an M.S.W. and be members in good standing of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

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