Kitchener-Waterloo Ambassador

To say Jaxon has a love for life is an understatement. This young boy seems to do it all: skiing, horseback riding, dancing, biking, attending concerts and more! It’s hard to imagine, but at one time his life hung in the balance.


After a very difficult pregnancy, his mother Renee gave birth to him at 29 weeks – and he then spent the first 4 months of his life in the intensive care unit. There, he had various apneatic episodes (where he ceased breathing) and bronchiatic spells. He survived – but just barely.


For the family, this was but the beginning of a difficult road that led to KidsAbility. As Renee explains, “Once we were able to take Jaxon home, it wasn’t too long before we had concerns about his development. At the age of 1, the doctors agreed that something was going on, though they couldn’t pinpoint the cause. That’s when we started Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy at KidsAbility.”


Since starting therapy, Jaxon has flourished. “Thanks to the therapists and the teachers at KidsAbility School, Jaxon has gone from being immobile to walking with a walker,” states Adam, his father. “He has shown huge cognitive gains at school and has been able to express himself with a special communication device.”


Renee acknowledges that Jaxon wouldn’t be where he is today without KidsAbility. “This is a place where kids with special needs are celebrated. When Jaxon was first born, all we heard were the negatives. KidsAbility gave us the support we needed, loved and cherished our son – and helped him to reach his full potential!”


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