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Sometimes a mother’s instinct is all that you can rely on. With Liane, she sensed something wasn’t quite right with her daughter Rayea. Eventually, Liane decided to contact KidsAbility – and thankfully she did. Rayea was assessed by staff and a pediatrician before being given a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with sensory processing issues.


Upon reflection, the family couldn’t imagine their lives without KidsAbility. “It’s a special community that supports children with special needs,” says Howard, Rayea’s father. “For us, it was a family-like environment, where the therapists helped Rayea come out of her shell. They gave her the confidence to become more social and develop a camaraderie with other kids.”


Today, Rayea swims, plays the piano, enjoys acting out scenes from her favourite movies and so much more. And while the family isn’t certain what the future holds, there is one thing her parents do know: “We truly love the organization. KidsAbility means the world to our family. We can’t even imagine what things would be like without it!”


“The diagnosis was a shock, but there was also a sense of relief that my intuition was validated,” states Liane. “We were able to start therapy and Rayea was put on a very positive path. In fact, Intensive Behavioural Intervention acted as a springboard, further enhancing the skills she needed for community school.”


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