Troy's Story

Guelph-Wellington Ambassador

After overcoming infertility issues, Heather and Dean were overjoyed to hear that they would be having twin boys. However, during the pregnancy, Heather went into premature labour and her sons, Troy and Scott, were born over two months early. Weighing only two pounds each, the twins remained in the hospital for three months before coming home. Eventually, the parents noticed some delays with Troy and he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

“When we received the diagnosis, our reaction wasn’t over the top,” recalls Heather. “We had been through so much to have kids, we were just happy to have them home with us.”

At eighteen months, Troy started physiotherapy and occupational therapy at KidsAbility – and the changes proved remarkable. “With the help of
KidsAbility, Troy learned to crawl, to go on his knees, then to stand up, to use a walker and then to walk independently!” notes Heather.

“It’s amazing what the staff does,” adds Dean. “Troy seemed to learn everything at KidsAbility. I will never forget seeing him pedal a tricycle – not to mention walking – for the first time in the halls of KidsAbility.”

“To see a child, who has never been on a bike, riding around brought tears to my eyes,” states Heather. “To have somewhere to go like KidsAbility is awesome.”

Today, Troy is a very active child. He plays sledge hockey, participates in T-ball, swims and, of course, joins his brother, Scott, for long bike rides around the neighbourhood. For Troy, the road to success started with KidsAbility – and we can’t wait to see where it will take him.