Potential Realized for KidsAbility.

Our vision is Potential Realized. To get there, we’ve got some big ideas.

To provide the best possible experience for all, we will build a strong, inclusive tomorrow as we learn from our past, respond to our present, anticipate our future and lead with purpose to meet the continued needs of our community.

Strategic Plan Ideas Diagram


We value and embrace innovation; our approaches are continually evolving so we may serve with purpose and excellence.
  • Listen carefully to learn what families need and want to guide decision making
  • Continue to evolve our approaches so we can achieve service excellence
  • Be positioned to provide excellent services in-person and digitally with a focus on best practices
  • Nurture bold, solution-focused possibilities so that every resource is leveraged for the benefit of our people


We see diversity as a pathway to strength and equity, so we actively seek it out in all aspects of our work.
  • Include the diversity of our communities in the clients we serve
  • Increase the diversity of our staff and Board to provide authentic insights to inform our practices and include our communities
  • Connect creatively with unexpected partners to get things done


We are committed to providing a supportive and positive experience for all who journey with us.
  • Elevate families’ experience so they feel well-supported from their first point of contact
  • Prioritize timely service
  • Ensure youth have a place and a voice at KidsAbility
  • Deliver excellent outcomes in our areas of expertise while ensuring smooth transitions to other partners as required


We believe KidsAbility must be accessible to everyone who needs us, so we will remove barriers to services and supports that get in the way.
  • Continuously identify and anticipate barriers to access across multiple dimensions of our clients’ lives
  • Adapt our service offerings to fulfill our mission
  • Sit at key collaborative tables to improve system-wide access to the services our clients need


We know that when our organization is strong, our capacity for success is immense.
  • Leverage our assets in support of our mission
  • Engage with staff to perform at their best
  • Excellence in stewardship and governance to deliver on our strategic priorities

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