Therapeutic Recreation Services (TR)

TR Therapy Resources For At Home

Are you in the midst of self-isolating with a house full of kids? Feeling stuck inside the house? Looking for ideas of things to do? Our TR team is happy to share recreation ideas, activities and resources to help support you during this season.  


  • Litera-cise is a way to help you to encourage and develop your child’s overall literacy. Overall literacy includes speaking, listening, reading, writing and physical movement. Check out the quick and easy interactive games and activities that encourage physical activity and literacy in children that you can do at home.
  • Litera-cise Introduction
  • Litera-cise Games

Physical Literacy 

  • The Physical Literacy Resource offers practical ways to encourage physical activity during your day while working on your child’s basic movement skills.

Recreation Adaptation Ideas and Suggestions

  • A resource on adapting and making your own recreation equipment to support play at home.

Recreation Activity Modifications 

  • A resource on ways to modify the environment, equipment, rules and instructions to help your child play at home.