Walter KidsAbility 2018-2019 Guelph-Wellington AmbassadorMeet Walter. 

KidsAbility Ambassador 2018-2019

Early intervention plays an important role in helping children reach the goals that are important to them. In Walter’s case, early intervention may have helped save his life.

As a baby Walter struggled to gain weight, he was unable to sit up on his own and at 10 months had yet to say his first words. His parents, Erin and AJ, knew something wasn’t quite right.

A referral by their pediatrician led them to KidsAbility along with a diagnosis of Leigh syndrome – a rare and progressive Mitochondrial disease that causes muscles to be weak and sore and prevents cells from producing enough energy to run the body.

“We weren't sure he'd ever be able to walk unassisted,” says Erin. “If the developmental pediatrician hadn’t recognized the abnormalities for what they were, Walter wouldn't be who he is today. He may not even be alive.”

The support of KidsAbility has given Walter the chance to grow and develop, become who he is, and continue to learn and thrive every day. Even at five years old, he is well aware of his limitations. He takes regular breaks to give his body a chance to recharge.

He may not be able to jump or run, but Walter participates in a way that makes sense to him as he lives life to its fullest.

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