While You Are Waiting

As you and your child wait for services at KidsAbility™, there are resources, information and programs to support you during this time.


  • Peer-to-Peer Support -The WRFN Family Resource Coach can help you navigate the list of local services and supports, as well as provide you with connections to programs, activities and valuable information. Support is provided to all ages - NO diagnosis needed. For more information contact info@wrfn.info
  • Resources Centres - Within KidsAbility sites, there are Resource Centres that are full of information and tools to help you and your child. Through our "Meet the Coordinator" service, you can ask questions that you may have (rcentre@kidsability.ca) and receive a response via email. As well, our Resource Centre Coordinator is available to help guide you to information, articles and toys that you have access to.


Help Your Child Develop Positive Behaviours

Sometimes children have trouble coping and their behaviour can reflect this. Parents and caregivers might see tantrums, crying, hitting, and whining and other behaviours that can be difficult to manage. *


Parents and caregivers can help their children build positive behaviours and limit the inappropriate ones. Here are some videos and resources that are available to help you while you wait. 

Videos & Resources: 

Below are one-page information sheets for parent and caregivers: